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  • Can I make Web-Stat invisible to site visitors?

    Yes, Web-Stat can be made entirely invisible.

    • Go to your Wix Editor, click on the Web-Stat app then on 'Settings'.
    • Click on 'Layout' then select 'Hidden'

    As soon as you do, Web-Stat will become invisible on your site (it will still appear in your editor as a greyed-out icon so that you can click on it and access the settings).

  • Can I exclude my own visits to my site from the stats?

    Yes, you can!

    • Go to your Wix Dashboard > Apps > Web-Stat.
    • At the top of the Web-Stat window, click on the icon to access the Settings Panel.
    • Click on the 'Exclusions' section and select 'Exclude my own visits > yes'.

    As soon as you do, visits to your site made with your current browser (or any browser that you use to access your stats) will be ignored by Web-Stat.

    Note: The exclusion is set by writing a cookie in your browser. If the browser's cookies get deleted or reset for any reason, simply access your stats again to re-set it.

  • Can I measure visitors engagement through time-on-site and time-on-page?

    Yes! Please follow this link for more info on the time-on-site metric

  • Can I get an email alert every time a visitor comes to my site?

    Yes, you can!

    • Go to your Wix Dashboard > Apps > Web-Stat.
    • At the top of the Web-Stat window, click on the icon to access the Settings Panel.
    • Click on the 'Stats by Email' section and select 'Get an alert for each new visit to my site > yes'.

    As soon as you do, you will receive an email for each new visits with all the available information on the visitor (IP#, location, path followed for premium accounts, browser, OS, return or first time visitor, referrer, etc)

  • Can I use Web-Stat to measure traffic to PDF documents or non-HTML files on Wix? How about clicks towards outside sites?

    Yes, this is called 'event tracking': we will measure events such as clicks to non-HTML files or clicks towards outside sites and show them as 'page views' in your stats. Please follow this link for more info on this topic.

  • I have a Premium account and I wish to cancel. How do I do this?

    The fee for your account is being charged by Wix, not by us. You need to log into your Wix Dashboard and cancel the Web-Stat subscription from there.

    • Sign in to your Wix account.
    • Hover over the user panel at the top right and click Billing & Payments.
    • Click the Web-Stat app in the subscription list.
    • Click Cancel My App next to Status. Select Cancel auto renew.
    • Click Submit.

    See https://support.wix.com/en/article/canceling-an-app-subscription

  • My other analytics tools is showing more visitors than Web-Stat

    We go to great length to filter the data that we show you, so that it only includes real visits by real visitors. Robots and spiders (which accounts for a large part of your actual traffic) are not counted by Web-Stat.

    We also exclude double clicks and do not count as 'visits' repeat page loads by the same person within less than 30 minutes (in this case we count one visit and several page views withing that visit).

    Other analytics tools may have different policies and perform little or no filtering. As a result they might show you a higher traffic. That does not mean that they perform better than Web-Stat (actually in this case it is the opposite).

    You can rest assured that our data is reliable: we have been in operations non-stop since 1996 and over that time we have developed very reliable tracking methods.

  • Why doesn't Web-Stat count a new visit when I refresh my page?

    When the same visitor loads your site multiple times within a short period we count only one visit. The other page loads are still counted in your stats but as 'page views' within a given visit, not as new visits.

    If the visitor comes back after 30 minutes or more, then we will count him again as a 'repeat visitor'.

    You can force a visit count for each load of the counter by turning on Test Mode:

    • Go to your Wix Dashboard > Apps > Web-Stat.
    • At the top of the Web-Stat window, click on the icon to access the Settings Panel.
    • Click on the 'Test Mode' section and select 'Test Mode' > 'Yes'
  • Why can't I get all the premium features for free?

    We provide traffic stats to almost half a million web sites, for free. This requires reliable and sophisticated equipment, able to run 24/7 for years with no downtime. It also requires engineers to monitor and maintain this equipment. More engineers yet to develop and maintain the application itself. Finally we need a supports staff to answer your questions (we opted to support everyone, regardless of whether you are a paying user or not. If you write to us, you will get an answer in a timely manner). All of this has a cost, and we need to offset it somehow

    We could go the way of some and offer free service while collecting your data (and your visitor's data) and reselling it to advertisers, or we could place ads on your site. These methods seem to us a little bit underhanded, because you, as the user, are not necessarily aware of what is going on. We chose to go the other way and keep things simple and above-board. We included what we hope are desirable add-ons to our free app and made them available for a reasonable fee ($4.95 per month).

    Use the free version of Web-Stat, or upgrade to the premium version: no matter what you choose, we will provide you with reliable service with no strings attached. What you see is what you get!

  • The geographic location (city, state) stats are sometimes incorrect

    When we show you the geographic location of a visitor what we are actually measuring is the location from where the visitor's Internet Service Provider (ISP) issued a connection request to your web site. Usually the ISP servers are near the visitor's physical location, but sometimes the distance can be of a few miles

    In some cases the ISP will re-route the connection requests through its private network, so that they will emerge far away from the actual visitor's location. These cases are not very common but they do happen.

    These limitations are shared by all stats suppliers out there. As of today Web-Stat is using the most precise localization tool available and as far as we know you can not get more precise data anywhere else.

  • Can you tell me who my visitors are? Can you record their name/address/email/profile?

    Internet was designed with people's privacy in mind, making it technically impossible to get personal information on your visitors (such as name, email address, profile, etc.) All we can do is detect the IP number and domain name of the server from where the request to your site originated. 99% of the time that request comes from an ISP (i.e. AT&T, Verizon, etc) and the IP number has been dynamically allocated to the visitor (which means that if the same visitor comes back later he/she will have a different IP number).

    The only case when you can identify a visitor is when he/she is connecting through a private network with a fixed IP number, but this is not a frequent occurrence.

    Note that visitor identification is plain impossible and no one can offer that service so don't waste your time looking for it. Keep in mind that in the end this is a blessing: imagine your mailbox every morning if every site you visited could collect your personal information...

Do you need to change Web-Stat's appearance on your page? Or the way visitors are counted? From the Wix web site editor, click on the Web-Stat app, then on 'App Settings' and make your changes.

More configuration options are available from inside your stats (conversions tracking, stats by email, exclude your own visits, etc.). Click on the icon in the stats top menu bar to access.

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