Web-Stat for Wix

Measure your visitors time-on-site (session length)

Time-on-site (also called 'session length') is a very important metric. It is not used very often because it is difficult to measure with accuracy. Most analytics tools do not offer this data or if they do they only estimate it. Web-Stat has developed a method to accurately keep track of this vital piece of information.

Time-on-site is not an absolute value: it depends on what the goal of your site is. Are you trying to engage the user and show him many diferent pieces of information? Then you want time on site to be as high as possible. Inversely if your application aims to give the user a single piece of information quickly (like a search engine) then you will probably aim for a short session length.

Also, keep in mind that what is important is more the trend of this metric than its absolute value. Is it moving in the direction you want or not? Are changes to the site impacting its value? Did it drop suddenly last week? Any sudden change is probably indicative of a problem and should be investigated.

Note that we provide time-on-site overall, but also as a function of the entrance page, the referrer or the equipment used (browser, OS, screen size). This allows you to quickly isolate the channels which result in a sub-par session length.

How do I enable time-on-site measurement for my site?

Measuring session lengths is extremely resource-hungry for that reason we can not offer it to the over 250,000 free accounts on our system. However, if you have an upgraded account, then time-on-site is already being measured for you. You will see the duration of stay of each individual user in the 'visitors details' report, as well as new graphs in the traffic per day, per month, per hour and per week reports.

If needed, you can easily upgrade your account for a cost of $4.95/month (you can cancel at any time through your Wix Dashboard). Here is how to do it.

As soon as your account is upgraded we will start measuring time on site for you.

Do you need to change Web-Stat's appearance on your page? Or the way visitors are counted? From the Wix web site editor, click on the Web-Stat app, then on 'App Settings' and make your changes.

More configuration options are available from inside your stats (conversions tracking, stats by email, exclude your own visits, etc.). Click on the icon in the stats top menu bar to access.

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