Web-Stat for Wix

Monitor your site's traffic, live, in just 3 clicks!

How many visitors come to my site? How many pages do they go to? How long do they stay? Who sends them? Where are they from?...

Find out, and much more: add Web-Stat to your Wix site in less than 30 seconds

Oh, also... it's free!

Do you have a Wix web site? Add Web-Stat in 3 clicks...

  • Log into your Wix web site editor
  • Go to the Wix App Market and click on the Web-Stat app
  • Click on 'Add to Site'

That's it: you are done!

more details

Web-Stat will start working automatically with its default configuration options. You can check your traffic at any time simply by going to your site and clicking on the Web-Stat icon. Do you want to see a demo of the stats you will be getting? click here

Do you need to change Web-Stat's appearance on your page? Or the way visitors are counted? From the Wix web site editor, click on the Web-Stat app, then on 'App Settings' and make your changes.

More configuration options are available from inside your stats (conversions tracking, stats by email, exclude your own visits, etc.). Click on the icon in the stats top menu bar to access.

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