Web-Stat for Wix
Why can't I get all the premium features for free?

We provide free traffic stats to almost half a million web sites. This requires reliable and sophisticated equipment, able to run 24/7 for years with no downtime. Engineers to monitor and maintain this equipment. More engineers yet to develop and maintain the application itself. Finally we need a supports staff to answer your questions (we opted to support everyone, regardless of whether you are a paying user or not. If you write to us, you will get an answer in a timely manner). All of this has a cost, and we need to offset it somehow

We could go the way of some and offer free service while collecting your data (and your visitor's data) and reselling it to advertisers, or placing ads on your site. These methods seem to us a little bit underhanded, because you, as the user, are not necessarily aware of what is going on and of how you are 'paying' for the service. We chose to go the other way and keep things simple and above-board. We included what we hope are desirable add-ons to our free app and made them available for a reasonable fee ($4.95 per month).

We hope that you will see the values of these extra features and decide to become a premium user (you can sign-up and cancel at any time so the most you are risking is $4.95). In the end, it's entirely up to you: use the free version of Web-Stat, or upgrade to the premium version, no matter what you choose, we will provide you with reliable service with no strings attached. What you see is what you get!

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